I’m told that in order to fully experience a relationship with God, you must know how strong his love is for you, after all, your redemption was paid for by his own son. But first, you must be able to love yourself.  You must see your own substantial value before you can appreciate that. Sounds easy enough, but there are those of us who struggle immensely with self esteem, in fact we bear the burden of extreme self loathing and sense of worthlessness. We’re a rather punishing sort with self harm being quite common among other self destructive behaviors. Therefore,  how can those like us bridge that gap and grow closer to God. Its assumed of course that one learn to reconcile their view of themselves with God’s view of them. This is where I personally get stuck. That is the task now in my journey; to learn to see and know my worth. I must learn to respect myself. As for self harm,  I conquered that beast years ago, and though the physical scares have considerably faded, I still struggle with loving who I am.